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Here's a list of lab equipment. List entries should be links to pages containing Manuals, SOPs and/or anything else useful.

To add to the list:



We have three pipettor sizes: P1000, P100, and P10. Usage and other details

Analytical Balance

Details for the XS205 analytical balance can be found here.

Atomic Force Microscope


The lab's AFM is a MFP3D-SA from Asylum Research.Details

Aurora Scientific Muscle Analyzer

Misonix UltraSonicator

The sonicator is located in AMPEL 146. You are expected to use the fumehood when using the sonicator. The fumehood must be booked before use. Login must be obtained from Prof. Karen Cheung.

Solatron Impedance Analyzer / potentiostat

An impedance/gain-phase analyzer with an electrochemical interface. Details

Vacuum Oven

The vacuum oven can operate at temperatures up to 200 °C while maintaining a nearly total vacuum. Guidelines for operation and some best practices are provided as well as some maintenance details. Details


The glovebox is equipped with a built in thermal evaporator, a balance, a spin coater, and a hotplate. The working gas is currently Nitrogen.


We have two SourceMeter instruments from Keithley Instruments: a 6430 and a 2400.Details