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Working with PEDOT


Increasing the conductivity

Conductive PEDOT solutions are commercially available as water dispersions of PEDOT:PSS, such as Baytron-P from Bayer. These products unfortunately have rather low conductivities which can be increased by several orders of magnitude by the addition of a secondary dopant such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) or ethylene glycol (EG).


The addition of Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to Baytron-P will increase the resulting PEDOT film's conductivity. A ratio of 1:3 of DMSO:Baytron-P will increase the conductivity by a factor of 10.


the addition of ethylene glycol (EG) will also increase PEDOT's conductivity. It will also result in a PEDOT film which is insoluble in water. Two EG treatments were tested and are outlined below. These were based on information in:

The films formed were insoluble in water but had very poor adhesion to their substrates. Treatment of the substrate with an adhesion promoter such as Silquest A187 should remedy this.

EG & Baytron-P mixture

This experiment resulted in a film with the following properties:

Experimental proceedure:

EG dip

The resulting film had the following properties:

Experimental proceedure:

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