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Polypyrrole Depositions

Oxidation Solution

In a 100 ml beaker, 0.413 ml of 12.1 M HCl is added to 50 ml of water. To this solution 1.2 g of FeCl3 is added and stirred.

Pyrrole Solution

This solution is mixed in a 10 ml graduated cylinder. 0.1 M of pyrrole is added to 10 ml water.

The deposition process is done by dipping the sample inside the two solutions back and forth.


Description of the figure below

Remove electron from monomer either by applying voltage (electrochemically) or using Fe+. C has 4 electron and N has one double electron and 3 more (5). + means hole and dot is an electron. + fluctuates between C and H (2 states). Two monomer attached from dot parts to form bond and reach a lower energy state. (dimmer). The consequence is releasing 2H+ . so the solution becomes acidic after polymer formation.
Adding acid HCl might be helpful to modify the rate because it kind of pushes the reaction reversely. It might also be useful where OH groups are present and prevents them from bonding to polymer and degrades it.